Call of War: World Conqueror Pack review

Call of War: World Conqueror Pack

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This intermediate pack sets you up for maximum control of the WWII battlefields and contains premium items. Use Gold to instantly accelerate your weapons research and unit mobilization. Benefit from the multiple gameplay enhancing features of the High Command.

277.000 Gold Premium Currency

6 Months High Command Membership Benefits
  • Mobilization and Construction Queuing
  • Enhanced Artillery Fire-Control System
  • Enhanced Game Creation Options
  • Player Alliance (Clan) Creation
  • Unit Rally Point Setting
  • Multiplayer Shared Intelligence
  • Custom CoW-News Picture Placement
  • Dedicated In-Game High Command Chat
  • More Simultaneously Active Matches

* Note: Each DLC pack may only be purchased and activated once per Call of War account. Previous ownership of items contained in the DLC package does not constitute a valid reason for refund or compensation, so please check them carefully prior to purchase. Any monetary value, quotation or price provided in the details is non-binding and for visualization purposes only.


Call of War: World Conqueror Pack Call of War: World Conqueror Pack
Call of War: World Conqueror Pack
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